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Disc & Case Artwork

DVD disc and case

We produce custom artwork for the DVD disc and its case. We hand you a completely professional package, ready for duplication and distribution.

Data DVD

In addition to the DVD master,

you'll get several copies to get you

started, an ISO file so you can burn

your own DVDs in a crunch, and a data

disc with all digital versions of your video, as well as the artwork files, music rights, and a collection of still images taken from the video for use in companion materials.

Data Disc


We also provide you a YouTube-ready, high-definition version of your video for use on your website or YouTube channel.  This is also the file to use for projection using a computer.  

Click on the logo to go to YouTube and start a NON-PROFIT account.

YouTube for Nonprofits


You'll receive a MASTER DISC for duplication containing all needed artwork.  I recommend SFGX Express, which provides short-run and fast turn custom products through its easy-to-use online website.  The prices are reasonable, the quality is great and the customer service is excellent.  


               Click on the logo to visit the SFGX site.

DVD Replication
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