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Christian Shimer

Christian Shimer is the owner, executive producer, and editor at Legacy Productions.  For 15 years he has been creating his original Video Case Statement genre for non-profits all over the country.  In that time, Christian has developed a creative voice producing mini-documentaries that tell charities’ stories primarily through the voices of their principals and beneficiaries.  

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International Documentary Association

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Christian has a background as an entertainer spanning back to 1986 when he started working on cruise ships as a night club DJ and worked his way up to become one of the youngest cruise directors in Royal Caribbean International history.   From there his wit garnered him additional credits as a punch-up writer for “Hidden Hills” and a writer for the “Rodney” pilot, as well as several jobs working as a radio producer (music and talk radio) for both local and national broadcasts.

Most recently he served at Angel Wings Entertainment as executive in charge of production for a national TV show pilot spotlighting the unrecognized heroes which are all around us.  Special honors were bestowed to Christian for his MOMA’s House story in Phoenix about human trafficking, and by Camp Pendleton in San Diego for his work on the Wounded Warrior Games Marine Corps Trials.

He is currently developing a new show for television which incorporates and celebrates the values of altruism and fairness.

– Andrei Tarkovsky

Behind The Scenes

Despite all of my hard work, the real magic comes from the amazing people who speak on camera and share their lives so that a meaningful story can be told.  I have been blessed to work with some great human beings, many of which say the most incredible things on camera.  Thanks to all of them.


A behind the scenes look at making "Peace For The Streets" where we spent the night with homeless youth on the streets of Seattle, Washington.

Voice Over

Laying down a voice over.

Christian Shimer - C4G

Directing at Home Depot in Atlanta for Change 4 Georgia.

In Focus?

Getting it right the first time.

Christian Shimer - C4G

Prepping for the interview with CWO Forrest Steven Puckett, Army National Guard in Georgia.

Christian Shimer - WINGS

Talking with news anchor Leslie Mouton of KSAT Channel 8 in San Antonio, Texas.

Christian Shimer - WINGS

An intimate conversation with family members of a woman rescued from cancer by WINGS.

Christian Shimer - WINGS

Working up to an interview in Texas.

Mesa - CRG

This is Mesa, a young girl with cancer, posing after our interview.

Leslie Mouton - WINGS

A shot mid-interview with news anchor Leslie Mouton.

Dino and the Quad-copter

One of the kids from cancer camp, fascinated by the quad-copter with the camera on it!

Christain Shimer - C4G

On location in a remote part of Georgia, interviewing Granny Hayes and the kids.

Chrsitian Shimer & Hannah

Later that day I captured Hannah getting out of her wheelchair and climbing a rock wall at Camp Rainbow Gold!

Christian Shimer - C4G

A very young contributor to our story!

Christian Shimer - C4G

Collaborating with the crew.

Christian Shimer - CRG

Posing at Camp Rainbow Gold with some of the counselors after being "bedazzled" by the little girls with cancer.

Chrsitian Shimer & Aubrey

Posing silly after an intense interview about what it's like to be a teenager and fight cancer.

Christian Shimer and Beth

Working with three cameras, I interview Beth, a volunteer for WINGS.

Christian Shimer - CRG

After a month embedded at Camp Rainbow Gold, my golden antenna became part of my uniform. I wore them every day! Keeping it silly keeps it fun.

Happy Camper

This young cancer survivor wanted to help me shoot, so I got out of the way and let him run! Who could say no?

Christian Shimer & Remington

Interviewing Remington Youngblood.

Christian Shimer & Remington

And. . . ACTION!

Freinds - CRG

More of my favorite campers from this summer's shoot.

Christian Shimer - WINGS

This young woman suffered from brain cancer during this interview. She did not survive, but her words live on through the WINGS video.

Christian Shimer - Angel Wings Ent.

On the set of the pilot for our TV show, Angels In The Neighborhood with the other producers and our hosts, Robert Van Arlan and Beverly Kidd.

Children's Home Shoot

Getting shots of horses and kids.

Horse Whisperer

Placing a microphone on Buck Brannaman.

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