Secrets to Big Money Using Video

Fundraising is about finding LIKE-MINDED people.   Video is a powerful tool for surfacing interest in your mission, interest that your fundraising appeal can harvest.  

In "Secrets to BIG MONEY Using Video" Christian Shimer shares his years of experience creating fundraising videos.  This one of a kind format prepares any size organization for producing a capital campaign video that really brings in BIG MONEY from wealthy donors!  The goal of this book is to provide organizations of ANY size or financial capability, the understanding they need to be able develop their own fundraising video. 


  • Why you need video

  • The Video Case Statement Method

  • Heart Mind Resonance

  • Video Length

  • Interviewing Techniques

  • Shopping for a Producer

  • Legal Issues

  • Funding the project

  • Using the Voice of the Client

  • Duplication

  • How to use your video to raise money

  • The "Advisor" approach

  • The paddle raise primer

  • YouTube for nonprofits

Show Me The Big Money

Eighty percent of the money you need for your charity will be provided by your top twenty donors. Those BIG MONEY gifts are only available from philanthropic giants. And every charity in the nation wants to enter the land of the giants and win their hearts and minds. Want to learn how to beat your competition?


Want to know how the most successful professionals get those really big gifts? This book, written by a forty-year veteran of organizing BIG MONEY fundraising campaigns, tells you exactly what to do to get those BIG MONEY gifts and how to have fun while doing it.   If you are a professional or a volunteer with charitable gift fundraising responsibilities, you’ve just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


  • Twelve secrets of Fundraising Consultants  

  • Tools for blasting the door open to the human mind    

  • Winning the hearts and minds of philanthropic giants      

  • Organizing principles of successful campaigning        

  • How to use your fundraising SUPER POWERS

$29.99 per 2 book set